Personal growth has never been so. much. FUN!

(We put the AH-HA in your HA-HA…)

Life & Leadership Coach, Tara Sage Steeves, partners with comedic talent to bring you this truly special event… Dreaming Out Loud!

 A fun, uniquely powerful program devoted entirely to YOU, your dreams, and your best life. 

(Five hours of fun by design, Dreaming Out Loud can be customized to any timeline or venue. Contact Tara to bring this program to your next conference or seminar.)

Answer me this:

Are you tired of saying “maybe next year” and ready to live the life of your dreams NOW?

Are you feeling restless or uninspired and wondering what’s next?

Are you ready to clarify a new direction and course-correct those areas of your life that aren’t fully aligned for you?

Stepping OutAre you in the mist of a big life transition and ready to intentionally create the next chapter of your life to be the best yet?

Do you sense there has GOT to be an easier way?

Are you ready to get on an accelerated path for more ease and JOY?

Are you ready to break free of all the “shoulds” and “same-old-same-olds” and step into the freedom and excitement of the “because I want to’s”?

Final question…


~ ~ ~

Please NOTE:
Pre-purchase tickets to save $$ and guarantee your seat!

Last minute tickets may be available at the door, however,
for guaranteed seating we strongly recommend pre-ordering.

All sales are final.

Lunch options will be provided.
All attendees receive automatic entry to WIN raffle prizes worth over $1,500!


ConfusionIf you’re unclear about the direction you want to head, there’s no need to stand bewildered at Confusion Junction any longer. While sometimes hard to read the signs, Confusion Junction is actually right at the corner of Creation Avenue and New Possibilities Boulevard. 🙂

Take time for YOU & engage in this one-of-a-kind event where YOU WILL:

  • Wake up, shake up, and start bringing dreams to life that will make you happier than you ever thought possible.
  • Create a concise, exciting list of what you truly desire!
  • Be inspired to dream BIG and take the next steps to bring those dreams to life! (It’s never too late.)
  • Learn how to best access and embrace the joy and ease of manifestation and remove the seeming “obstacles” in your way!
  • Gain resources and an understanding of the power in sharing and declaring your dreams! (And the sass and bravery to say them out loud.)
  • Connect with the excitement energy, passion potential, and massive motivation momentum of your dreams and the dreams of others!

And – have a BLAST doing it with the dynamic talents of …

Tara Sage Steeves
Tara Sage Steeves
Founder, Create Your Life!

Tara Sage Steeves, MA, Create Your Life! Founder & Master Coach, is a speaker, twice-published author, international coach, and holistic leader.

She believes dreams are the voice of your soul and listening is your gift to the world. Tara is devoted to helping you identify, nurture, and manifest your deepest dreams and desires … and she does so with creative vigor!

Creator of The Dream Party® and the renowned Dream Acceleration™ Program, Tara also provides private coaching, business development consulting, public speaking trainings, and retreat weekends. All to support the creative and sometimes intimidating process of fulfilling potentials, dreams, and goals – both personal and professional. 


Comedic Talent TBA

Here’s the cosmic joke …

When faced with opportunites to say “Yes” to your own growth and joy, that tends to be when all the RIDICULOUS REASONS show up (seemingly on cue) to talk you out of it!

Thoughts like,
“I’m not sure this is for me, because…”

HidingSound familiar?

Seriously… it’s COMICAL how those shadow-lurking saboteurs can – in an instant – prevent you from living your best life and being your best YOU.

Here are just a few examples of the ‘stories’ that work to prevent us from moving forward…

Some common Ridiculous Reasons are:

RIDICULOUS REASON #1: “I don’t want to decide now about devoting a Saturday to this — it’ll infringe on my freedom.”

Funny stuff, since that’s precisely what this event is about: freedom and how to create more of it! The freedom to be a better, brighter, bolder YOU, and the freedom to claim the time, energy and freedom to make Joy a true priority – all while creating powerful, playful connections with like-minded people who inspire and support your best self.

And, be honest – what does a typical Saturday look like for you now? Come break out of the same-old-same-old, and join us for a few fun-filled hours. We can’t wait to reveal what’s in store for you. You’ll laugh, you’ll eat, you’ll meet some new people, and, while you’re at it, you’ll also learn a thing or two about how to accelerate the realization of what, right now, may feel like a big pipe-dream. (Psst… it’s not.) Claim this time for YOU now.

RIDICULOUS REASON #2: “I’ve been to comedy clubs before… what makes this different?”

So glad you asked. 🙂 You may think you have been there/done that, but you have not experienced THIS before. This is a one-of-a-kind event and a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s all about YOU, YOUR life and YOUR transformation. We guarantee there’s no other comedy club event like this one.

RIDICULOUS REASON #3: “Wait – invest in something for ME?”

That’s right – this day is about you and FOR YOU.  For crying out loud, that’s a good thing! For the price of a pair of pants, it’s time to say yes to YOU, show up, and let us do our thing to serve YOU … lunch, laughter, lightening your burdens, and living your dreams. Finally, it’s about YOU. Own it. Claim it. Do it. Done.

“There are people who put their dreams in a little box and say, ‘Yes I’ve got dreams, of course I’ve got dreams.’ Then they put the box away and bring it out once in a while to look in it, and yep, they’re still there.” ~ Erma Bombeck

“FOOMO” & a few other Fabulous Reasons to attend:

Tara Sage SteevesReason #1: Do it for YOU. Simply put, personal transformation can be profound and even small inner shifts can create big results. The real dreams don’t go away – and “someday” is not a day of the week. This day is devoted to YOU experiencing more JOY and more FREEDOM, because: 1.) it’s completely and utterly possible … and 2.) with over 12 years experience doing this work in the world, Tara knows how to make personal growth not only powerful, but FUN.

Reason #2: People-please your way to a great decision for YOU. Hey look, whatever it takes. It’s a win-win loop.  If you can’t do it for you, do it for us: Each and every order that comes in gets us even more amped-up and encouraged about having followed this divinely inspired idea. And the more good juju we feel, the more energy we’ll bring to the stage, and to you!  Rest assured, this event is NOT our get-rich-quick strategy. We do it because we love it. Planning and sharing this day with you is deeply gratifying. It’s a chance to join our creative energies, and pour our hearts and souls into a powerful playful day for YOU.  And knowing what’s in store for you … the thought of you being anywhere BUT in the room, gives Tara and her team a heart-aching case of FOOMO (Fear of Others Missing Out). So have mercy on us and get your ticket today, ok?

Reason #3: Be a do-gooder and earn some serious friend points: Something magical happens when creative, innovative, willing-to-dream folks come together. It’s what Tara likes to call “an e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g Culture of Dreaming” and this cumulative energy is a powerful force for change in the world. By simply increasing YOUR personal levels of Joy, you’re contributing to a Ripple Effect of more joy in the world. It’s contagious in the best of ways. Now that said, if thinking about this in terms of the world feels a bit too “macro” … here’s a BONUS sneak peek: For a very limited time, after ordering YOUR ticket you’ll be instantly connected to a special “framily” rate offer for 4 of your friends to come with you. You are going to earn some serious friend-points. 😉

Personal growth has never been … so. much. FUN!

Wherever you are on your journey, YOU are invited.

There will be LAUGHTER. There will be CHOCOLATE. There will be MUSIC.

This day of transformation will feel like play, not work.

YOU are so much bigger than your Ridiculous Reasons! Overrule those Ridiculous Reasons, get your ticket and get ready to experience the fun, freedom, and transformation that you so desire – and deserve.

Please NOTE:

Pre-purchase tickets to save $$ and guarantee your seat!

Last minute tickets may be available at the door, however,
for guaranteed seating we strongly recommend pre-ordering.

Within 3 minutes of arriving, you’ll know down to your tippy toes that this was one of the best decisions you’ve made all year.
(Yours dreams will thank you!)

All sales are final.

Lunch options will be provided. 
All attendees will receive automatic entry to WIN raffle prizes worth over $1,500!

Oh, and, last note, to be clear …

Creating mid-life magic is NOT about age – it’s a mentality. (Old-soul 20- and 30-somethings are MORE than welcome!)

My team and I are BURSTING with excitement about what’s in store for you.

Can’t wait! See you there!

To life, love, and laughter,